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The Alaska Fire Chiefs Association mission is to serve the people of the State of Alaska by influencing fire and emergency service programs and legislation; advancement of fire and emergency service professionals; and providing for the safety and well-being of firefighters and their communities.

Education and Training:

We support fire service education and training for our members, our firefighters, and the public.  We do this in part by sponsoring an annual Leadership Summit in Juneau and by co-sponsoring the annual Alaska Fire Conference.  We strive to educate the public about fire safety through local efforts and by partnering with the Alaska State Fire Marshals Office.


Through our association, Chief Officers from around the State have the chance to share ideas and discuss solutions to the challenges that we all face.  We do this through monthly teleconferences, email list serves, at our annual Leadership Summit, and through the professional contacts and friendships that are made through our organization.


We strive to be the leading voice on issues that affect the Alaska Fire Service and the citizens of Alaska with regards to fire safety. By working with organizations in Alaska such as the Alaska State Firefighters Association, the Alaska Professional Firefighters, the Alaska Municipal League and nationally with National Fire Protection Association, the International Code Council, the International Fire Chiefs Association, and others the AFCA works to promote issues such as health and safety for our firefighters and the adoption of fire codes and standards that will help provide the public with a safe place to live and work and reduce the tragic loss of life from fire in the State of Alaska.


✦Honesty, integrity, compassion ✦Ethical and professional behavior ✦Safety of all firefighters ✦Timely, efficient and responsive fire service ✦Adequate funding to deliver service to our communities ✦Standards for training, operations and conduct ✦Safe communities ✦Knowledge and information sharing between members ✦Chief officer development ✦Monitor changes in emergency service/response statutes and legislation ✦Lobby for legislation that supports fire service activities ✦Support new advancements to fire safety, efficient firefighting and firefighter safety and injury prevention ✦Maintain and promote the history of the association and our members
Purpose of the Plan

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