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The Alaska Fire Chiefs Association is the leading fire service organization in Alaska. Our members are the leaders of Alaska’s fire departments, rescue organizations, and emergency medical services. The organizations we serve are career and volunteer, large and small.

We meet twice each year for training, education, networking, and to conduct our association’s business. Through our connections to the State Fire Marshal’s Office, the Alaska Municipal League, the International Association of Fire Chiefs, and the Alaska Legislature, we are able to provide advocacy, expertise, and opportunities to participate in the public process.

Through our association with the Western Fire Chiefs Association, we are able to provide a wealth of information, services, and expertise, including:

•    Fire Service Bookstore
    Discounted Group Purchasing
•    Access to iLearn Fire
•    Daily Dispatch
•    And much more!

APPLY NOW! Complete your  membership application today to get started and begin enjoying these benefits. Your participation adds to our strength and improves our representation of Alaska’s communities!