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FireRescue GPO Announces JOHN DEERE contract extended to Fire Departments

FireRescue GPO Announces JOHN DEERE contract extended to Fire Departments February 11

A large range of products from commercial mowers, forestry equipment, off road utility vehicles, accessories, and attachments.  Our contract offers up to a 23% discount off list price.


Off Road Utility Vehicles: These include a wide variety of unique attributes to fit segment specific requirements allowing you to create the vehicle that best fits your needs. This may include:

  • Hauling heavy cargo over various terrains and conditions
  • Multi person capability
  • Fire pump systems available in both water and foam
  • Stretchers
  • Emergency scene and lighting
  • Cargo storage for rescue tools and other equipment
  • OSHA certified- the only utility vehicle certified by OSHA

This contract is competitively bid and publicly awarded which allows members to “piggyback” off the contract without having to complete the RFP process.



We need your feedback for direction on a multi-year project that the Division of Forestry Information Office is coordinating. Wildland Urban Interface Grant funding, provided by the US Forest Service, will be used to create statewide wildland fire-related Public Service Announcements (TV/Radio/Print) and a comprehensive Alaska Firewise webpage.

For us to consider your priorities for messaging, please take the survey at: 

*Note (this will make sense when you are taking the survey): for some questions you will find that when you prioritize a topic, numbers will auto-populate the remaining topics. You need to click on each number and will get a drop down list so that you can change it to reflect your priority for that individual topic. As you sort, your priority topics will move to the top of the list.

We encourage you to share the link with additional wildland-fire cooperators, fire departments, and fire personnel.  The survey must be taken by close-of-business on February 19, 2014.