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Alaska Incident Management Team Applications Being Accepted Through 15 January

The Division of Forestry and our federal cooperators are soliciting nominations for Alaska’s Incident Management teams for 2016.

Personnel applying by January 15, 2016 will be considered in the 2016 Alaska IMT primary selection and trainee prioritization process. Applications for all positions will continue to be accepted after 1/15/16, but may not be considered in this process.  Late applications will be placed in Alternate Pools, unless required to fill vacant Command and General Staff positions.

The attached has application guidelines.

We encourage fire departments to apply for the team.

Applications are taken for personnel that have NWCG qualifications or trainee positions, apprentice or mentee interests.

The definitions of apprentice and mentee are listed on the application.

All fire departments may not have individuals with NWCG qualifications to apply to the Incident Management Teams, however this is where the apprentice category kicks in.

The apprentice category provides personnel with the opportunity to develop skills and competencies necessary to fill the position at a future date.

Personnel are asked, if they apply to the Incident Management Team positions, to be available for a 14 day assignment (travel to and from not included).

Our Chief Administrative Officer will, as needed, set up RSA’s with your agency if personnel are available and dispatched to wildland fires.

Thank you for your consideration. Please do not hesitate to call or e-mail Cindy Forrest-Elkins if you have questions (contact information in the attachment).